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460 Squadron Operations Record Book
Friday, January 21, 1944

Weather:- Fine. Some flying took place during the day, and 21 aircraft were detailed for operations against MAGDEBURG. One of these failed to take off, whilst out of the remainder, 2 did not carry out their duty. Lancaster aircraft [ND366] crashed on landing, the crew fortunately escaped with minor injuries with the exception of SGT ALLISON and SGT NORWOOD who were admitted to [Unk] INFIRMARY. Aircraft No JB702 failed to return and must be regarded as missing due to enemy action.

Bombing Attack on Magdeburg

Aircraft Crew Up Down
Lancaster ND361 SGT Martin, R C, RAAF 420838 Pilot 20:00 03:08
SGT Willis, F C
F/S Gurdon, P W B, RAAF 421861
F/S Strain, J E, RCAF R152864
F/S Carlile, W D, RAAF 425120
SGT Woodward, F
F/S Howiss, W J
Lancaster JB637 W/O Power, R J, RAAF 409590 Pilot 19:52 02:44
Sgt McKenzie, A W
F/S Hurley, E W, RAAF 405909
F/S Whiteside, S, RAAF 409632
F/S Kerby, J A, RAAF 410673
F/S Wortley, A E
Sgt Worley, J F, RAAF 426412
Lancaster JB598 W/O Douglas, R A N, RAAF 415239 Pilot 20:02 02:30
Sgt Burton, W T
F/S Curr, R A, RAAF 422127
W/O Burbridge, F, RAAF 415226
F/S Tindale, C H, RAAF 413823
Sgt Martindale, C H
Sgt Garward, R
Lancaster ND419 F/S Lynch, C B, RAAF 415341 Pilot 20:06 03:15
Sgt Petch, J L
Sgt Symmonds, H
F/S Beattie, H H, RAAF 422104
F/S Schopfield, G, RAAF 415740
F/S Forbes, A G, RAAF 427674
F/S Smith, N A, RAAF 427159
Lancaster JB742 F/S Parkinson, C E, RAAF 413416 Pilot 20:19 03:18
Sgt Marley, G P
F/S Krone, H, RAAF 413874
F/S King, R J, RAAF 413393
Sgt Mead, S J
Sgt Bell, J H, RAAF 434078
F/S Sherwood, R C, RAAF 427559
Lancaster JB741 P/O Fulloon, C S, RAAF 34031 Pilot 20:34 03:14
Sgt Ranger, J W
Sgt Prout, B, RAAF 427024
Sgt Stewart, T O, RAAF 411964
F/S Guthrie, R J, RAAF 420745
Sgt Wintle, L, RAAF 427050
F/S Burrows, L J, RAAF 422122
Lancaster ND366 F/S Teece, P A, RAAF 420507 Pilot 19:58 03:14
Sgt Hollingum, R S, RAF
Sgt Allison, J, RAF INJ
F/S McIntyre, W, RAF
F/S Mansfield, R, RAAF 420225
Sgt Robins, P C, RAF
Sgt Norwood, G T, RAF INJ
Lancaster JB256 F/S Stitt, D H, RAAF 413685 Pilot 20:12 02:53
Sgt Beale, B
F/S Pugh, D M, RAAF 425336
Sgt Wiggins, M D
F/S Casey, J N, RAAF 421244
Sgt McGrath, F B, RAAF 423841
F/S Coventry, R J M, RAAF 417808
Lancaster JB700 P/O Hovell, J R E, RAAF 408334 Pilot 19:48 02:22
Sgt Jewitt, C
F/S Lukies, N J, RAAF 418440
F/S Moorhouse, S A, RAAF 410077
F/S Field, L M, RAAF 35963
Sgt Hull, A C, RAAF 427682
Sgt Bray, W C
Lancaster JB702 W/O Allan, R N, RAAF 416830 Pilot + 19:45
SGT McCauley, W A, RAF 1804429 Flight Engineer +
F/S Trout, M R, RAAF 416904 +
F/S Thomas, E G, RAAF 403288 +
F/S Chadwick, W R, RAAF 421791 +
SGT Reed, C W, RAAF 426685 +
F/S Liersch, C C, RAAF 421917 Rear Gunner +
Lancaster ND392 F/S Burke, R, RAAF 420438 Pilot 20:01 00:09
Sgt Steadman, E M
F/S Brooks, J L, RAAF 426045
F/S Henry, A, RAAF 420385
F/S Fleming, P S, RAAF 421657
F/S Cooper, S W, RAAF 427454
F/S Hosier, J S, RAAF 420388
Lancaster JB662 F/L Wales, A W, RAAF 10991 Pilot 19:56 02:04
Sgt Bowen, L J
F/O Lawton, R W, RAAF 406599
F/O Richardson, L R, RAAF 401246
F/O Moore, J W, RAAF 401711
F/O Butler, M R
F/O Sanders, A M, RAAF 407933
Lancaster ND463 F/S Cusick, M J, RAAF 420157 Pilot 20:04 02:56
Sgt Foster, J
Sgt Clifton, J W, RAAF 418349
F/S Martin, J R, RAAF 414313
F/S Forrest, P A, RAAF 425306
F/S Speering, G N, RAAF 434660
F/S Bumpstead, A, RAAF 418917
Lancaster JB743 F/L Gardner, C C, RAAF 416423 Pilot 19:42 02:26
Sgt Reid, R M H
F/O Nettle, I L, RAAF 409183
F/O Patterson, O, RAAF 405655
Sgt Harris, M
W/O Gardner, D D, RAAF 416257
Sgt Rothwell, G
Lancaster JB687 P/O Hills, J L, RAAF 415253 Pilot 19:39 22:22
Sgt Cleverly, A
F/O Arg, C E, RAAF 415211
F/O Radcliffe, J, RAAF 408531
F/S Graham, J H, RAAF 415474
Sgt Hartwell, H
F/L Duel, A R, RAAF 425623
Lancaster JA860 F/S McLachlan, W R, RAAF 414947 Pilot 19:54 02:59
Sgt Murray, W N
Sgt Jones, J M
Sgt Yates, R C
F/S Rofe, R J, RAAF 413143
F/S Jonas, W A, RAAF 424189
Sgt White, R D
Lancaster JA683 F/S Baxter, D W, RAAF 410033 Pilot 19:51 02:24
Sgt Mallon, P
F/O D'Arcey, A, RAAF 422445
F/S Hopgood, C B, RAAF 414565
F/S Ferguson, R C, RAAF 414996
Sgt Martin, W J, RAAF 424319
Sgt Dunlop, J D
Lancaster DV359 F/O Wade, R N T, RAAF 413916 Pilot 19:55 02:14
Sgt Goulden, H G
F/S Pottier, H G, RAAF 420357
F/S Hoyle, A R, RAAF 420884
F/O Chapman, C C, RAAF 400629
Sgt Mortimer, T W, RAAF 423826
Sgt Eley, J
Lancaster ND394 P/O Bateman, W E M, RAAF 415232 Pilot 19:38 02:02
Sgt Green, K E
F/S Thomson, J H, RAAF 412774
P/O ???ming, A R
Sgt McKay, D J, RAAF 413407
Sgt Challis, C J, RAAF 418066
Sgt Douglass, R G, RAAF 417351
Lancaster DV193 F/S Petney, L, RAAF 416609 Pilot 20:10 03:02
F/S Wood, M
F/S Mildred, A J, RAAF 417214
F/S King, A G, RAAF 415380
F/S Falconer, D M, RAAF 421010
Sgt Roberts, D
F/S Baldwin, D T
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